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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Roy 26"x 18" Oil WIP

Despite my good intentions I started to fuss with details, even before I had blocked in the whole composition! The darker patch is (or will be) a framed piece of Tottenham Hotspurs executive carpet, which Roy is very proud of! I might rename this painting ' They Lost Again!'. Roy doesn't look very happy, does he?

I found out today that my painting 'Asleep' ( at least they think it was that one!) won the prize for Best in Show, at the Hertford Art Society Annual Members Show. This prize is a legacy from a very exuberant past member and is voted for by the members. I am so proud of myself. Here is the painting again, for those of you who missed it.

Thanks for your visit, happy painting everyone.


michael mikolon said...

You have made some great progress in the last two paintings. One key thing you said was that you moved the photo far away. Sounds like you want to paint more simple, Zorn pallet is a great way to do that as well as the large brush. Try doing a drawing from the photo, then just work from the drawing without the photo present. Great Work!

Art with Liz said...

Well done on the Best in Show prize! It is a fantastic painting and deserves all the accolades. I think your painting of Roy is tremendous. Love the colours you've used.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about HAS Best in Show. It must be a great feeling when something happens to really boost your confidence, there must have been so many paintings at the show. I'm proud of you too!! It is an amazing painting and must have looked fantasic in a frame as well. The sepia tones and the lighting makes a lovely warm feel and the model looks very relaxed. Did this take long to do, did you paint it in one session, whatever, its a fabulous painting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was so enthralled with your life painting I forget to mention Roy which looks as though its coming along fine. Keep up the good work!

Sharon Wright said...

Thank you so much, everyone, your comments really do spur me on.
Michael, the drawing idea sounds good, to simplify and get a feel for the subject first. I shall give that a try, thanks.
Liz, the painting of Roy is one of those that just 'flows' from the brush, and I love that when it happens.
Carolann,I actually painted 'Asleep' from a photo in an afternoon. I find it so much easier to use just one colour and I could probably just keep doing that, but I feel I must get a grip on colour even though it is so hard.

RameshJhawar said...

Hi Sharon!I just found your blog.I'm so glad.You are an amazing painter."Asleep" certainly deserved the award.I'll be following your blog hereafter.

Susan Carlin said...

I'm proud for you, Sharon... and proud to have it now in Texas. What great taste I have! I marvel at this painting every time I look at it. You're a truly excellent artist.