Thursday, 29 April 2010

Star 20" x 30" Oil

The theme at the WA was 'skies', so I took this with a view to making the sky a little more interesting.
But I couldn't concentrate because I had spent the morning meeting with Deborah, who is a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, looking to fill the walls with artwork in the newly refurbished Delivery Suite. She is a delightful young woman who knows what she wants and it was sheer pleasure to discuss the possibilities. The plan initially is to provide a huge (4' x 6' maybe) painting for the reception area and three more smaller (but still 3' x3') paintings for the main corridor, to be on permanent display. Then there is more corridor space, separate rooms and nooks and crannies galore to be decorated. I am so excited...what a project! Watch this space.

Monday, 26 April 2010

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to Hertford to submit my paintings for the annual exhibition. This year I got to stay and watch the proceedings. There were three judges who each awarded an 'A', accepted, 'D', doubtful, or 'X', out, for all of the paintings, hundreds of them, which we paraded in front of them one at a time. The judges were very generous, not many 'X's' and not a single 'XXX', but this meant that the paintings awarded 'ADD' had to be whittled down again. The prizewinners were chosen from all the paintings awarded 'AAA'.
After lunch, which was scrummy, the paintings were assembled on the floor in approximation of the final exhibition. I was unable to watch this as I had to go catch a train. The day was a revelation and very enjoyable although it was quite exhausting!
My two paintings shown above were accepted.
Yesterday, wonderful Roy bought a new PC, which I am spending hours trying to transfer programmes, files and folders, etc. from my old one. I shall paint again soon, though, there are lots more exhibitions coming up!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Flight 12" x 10" Oil

The theme at the WA today, was 'flight', encompassing balloons, bees, aircraft, kites, etc., This is my effort, using a photo found on the internet this morning.
The main business of the day, though, was to choose the best five paintings from the club. A local Art Shop/Gallery has an annual exhibition for any/all of the local art groups to submit five paintings, and a winner is chosen by the public. (I think) Last year the winning art group was .......The Wednesday Afternooners! So we have our reputation and standards to maintain!
We had 39 paintings to chose our favourite 10 from, which were then voted on again to find the final 5.
I have to say that I found it difficult as there was a nice selection of styles, subjects and mediums and who can predict if small will do better than large, or loose better than tight?
I am very happy to report that one of mine made the final 5!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

In Sunlight 20" x 16" Oil

And now for something completely different, for me. I had a fancy for experimenting today, so I took a photo of my reflection in the television. I completely covered a canvas board with black, then wiped it off, pushed it around with my trusty tools, fingers, and added some blue, red and white until I emerged. I had wanted a painting more abstracted, less stark, but I'm happy for now, because it was such fun!
I started this painting this morning and took it along to the WA this afternoon, where I got a lot of questions and puzzled looks, and a comment from Mary, " I usually feel happy seeing what you have done, but not today". She has a fair point, I think I also prefer higher key work.
The cake today.......Penny you have to stop........was utterly delish! Cherry and almond! I had seconds and brought some home!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Lara 10" x 12" Oil

I have had a fabulous morning. Mary liked the painting of Ellis and asked if I would paint her sister, Lara. They are delightful girls, a pleasure to meet and with the bonus of painting them from life, I was happy as Larry! Thank you, Mary.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ellis 10" x 12" Oil

Strummin' 30" x 20" Oil
What a fabulous afternoon at the WA! Ellis accompanied her grandma, Mary, (school hols) and agreed to sit for me. What a treat, and she was so good, a natural, and quite beautiful. Thank you, Ellis. Everyone thought it a good likeness.
After that, I made a start on the painting I took to do this afternoon, of my son again, copying his dad.
I have to say that I much prefer to work from life. One reason is that there is an added pressure to get it done before you lose the model and I know that I produce better results under pressure. Mainly though, a living, breathing person is infinitely more exciting than a photograph.
Oh, yes, and the chocolate cake was SCRUMPTIOUS!