Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Street Vibe 24" x 19" Oil

I started this yesterday, so took it to the WA to carry on, even though the brief was 'something that flies (not aeroplanes).
My natural inclination is to carry on further, tidy up the drawing errors, get more detail in the instruments, but I am not going to because I have been trying for years to paint like this. With immediacy and feeling and definitely no fiddling!
We shall see if I can resist the urge tomorrow.
I offered this band first option to buy the painting....and got myself in trouble for not asking permission to use the images I took out in the street. My apologies.

Finger Painting

PENNY   24" x 19"   Oil

I've been enjoying myself again, by way of getting back into the swing of painting. I love getting my hands dirty (and clothes and furniture), and slipping, sliding, dabbing the paint on a smooth surface is glorious!
I framed this yesterday while it was still wet, forgetting to photograph, and then proceeded to vigorously clean the glass! You can imagine the outcome. And I very nearly re-framed after the clean up without photographing again. Senior moments are becoming an all too frequent occurence.
Looking at this now, I have a mind to darken the background. We'll see. Painted from a photograph taken at one of the HAS life sessions.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


The brief was 'farmyard' so I surfed the net and this appealed to me, reminded me of my childhood surroundings. It is a detail from a painting by E Hersey, who I am sorry to say I have never heard of.

I have been laid low by a virus, and have spent 10 days dozing by the TV, feeling very weak and feeble. I've had disappointing news that none of my three paintings have been accepted for the Eastern Open.
It can only get could be masterpiece day!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Eastern Open

'Out To Lunch'   24" x 24"  Oil

'Swing Jump'  60" x 36"  Oil

These are as good as they are going to get! I ran out of time. I had it in my head the submission day was 28th March.......wrong! 4th or 5th March it should be. Happily, they telephoned to ask if I wanted to withdraw and gave me until Friday, when I made my excuses. I was delighted, and surprised to be given leaway, but it means I don't have the extra week to tiddle them up. They weren't framed yesterday! The third one I am submitting is still in progress! Is this what they call by the skin of your teeth?
I will post details of the exhibition nearer the time and whether I get any accepted.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


We had a 'Bob Ross' afternoon, led by Pat, who had printed a picture of trees and bluebells for us to interpret. She had printed step by step instructions and demonstrated along the way.
Thank you Pat. 

And here we all are showing off our efforts.
back l - r  Pat, Veronica, Judith, 3 x anonymous!, Mary, Jacqui.
front l -r Me, Sue, Christine and Penny.
Shame on you (I think) Doris, June and Iris for hiding!
We all agreed it was a good afternoon.
I haven't ever investigated the Bob Ross phenomenum, too slick for me, but I always think you can learn from everyone. I wouldn't normally work from back to front, light to dark, quite the opposite, in fact, by placing my darks first, but today I added another way of working, which may well be appropriate for a painting one day.

Still Life No 5

A L'Orange     20" x 16"   Acrylic

I enjoyed painting this, because I giggled the whole time!