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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Roy 26" x 18" Oil WIP

I had a boring, tedious morning, you know, housework, paperwork and I had to wait for the car mechanic because my car won't start! Then, when I finally got to the studio, I spent an hour tidying up and wondering what to do! I have three pieces of work to do for other people, but I didn't want to do them. Contrary, that's me.
I had nothing to paint on, anyway, so I found an old canvas board with a rubbish painting on it, and painted the whole thing over with a sloopy grey mix. Normally I would wait for that to dry before painting on it, but by now I was getting the buzz. I pinned a photo of Roy to the wall and off I went. I had about an hour before it got dark and I didn't want to stop. I have never started a painting on a wet surface before, but I shall do so again. Another revelation!


Dianne Mize said...

Sharon, this is just wonderful!

Dave King said...

Fascinating... I have never started an (oil) painting on a wet surface before, but it seems to have worked a treat.

Sharon Wright said...

Thank you Dianne, thank you Dave. I did find painting on wet surface quite liberating. As I have progressed I feel it would have been better darker. Learning as you go is what it's all about, right?