Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Stephen Fry 9" x 12" Oil

I am a creature of extremes. Mostly, I will scrub out as much paint as possible from the brush, wearing it out, rather than squeeze out or mix any more colour. I am also very lazy and very miserly! Today, I had so much mixed up paint left over that I painted this.
I have been sorting out paintings for another exhibition, this time in Swaffham at the end of October, tiddling up a background I wasn't happy with.

Friday, 24 September 2010


I packed up all my stuff ready for tomorrow and found myself with ten minutes to spare so I drew this. OK, half an hour! Should have got the hoover out!

John + Sally

 I'm off to the life drawing at HAS tomorrow, where I shall be chatting again to my very good friend, John. He is a lovely man who is so helpful, even popping home to fetch me oil paints when I was moaning about having no money and running out of fave colours! Friendly, full of suggestions and he makes me laugh, so I have done the only thing I can .......paint him!
I wasn't happy with Sally on Wednesday as I didn't get enough of a likeness, as I did with Doris + Paul, so I have spent a few minutes tiddling her up. I'm happy now, even though, now I have posted, I think her nose is a tad too big!
Thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010





Today, at the WA, we did 20 minute portrait studies of each other. You might wonder why there are only three! Well, we were celebrating Pennys' birthday....with TWO chocolate cakes! My idea of heaven or what?
Sally was done first as a demonstration of how I set about drawing a portrait. Paul was working in the building and Penny persuaded him to sit for us.....for chocolate cake! And Doris agreed to stay and sit when we were all debating whether to go home or do another drawing.
No other member 'does' portraits, so I am not only impressed at everyones willingness to have a go, but also by their efforts. One day I will photo them as well.
A very enjoyable afternoon. 


The finished portrait of Lara. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this portrait and I think a big part of that is because I really didn't 'fiddle' with it, and agonise over every tiny detail. I would like to thank Penny, for letting me paint it and for being thoroughly thrilled with the painting.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

More Balloons

Another figure in place on the HUGE painting. I swear it is getting bigger and bigger! I am going to have to get down to some serious work on this if I am ever going to get it finished.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lara WIP

At the Wa last week, the delightful Penny brought along fantastic photographs of her granddaughter, Lara. I asked her which she would like a painting of and she chose this. I've not quite got her yet....I feel some fiddling coming on. I have to say how much more difficult it is to portray a young beautiful woman than a scabby old bloke with a beard!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tomatoes 10" x 8" Oil

The WA started their meetings again, after the summer break. It was so good to be back and catch up with  everyone. The theme was tomatoes, so here they are........tomatoes. I enjoyed painting them.
The club is having an exhibition throughout September at Hendersons Art and Framing, in King's Lynn. Wish us luck...fame and fortune is beckoning!