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Friday, 30 January 2009

Barack Obama 10" x 10" Oil

The man of the moment, well, I started this on Inauguration Day. Many rejoice and many see new hope for the future. I feel inexplicably uneasy.
If you would like to purchase this painting for 70GBP (unless otherwise stated) please email me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, makes me feel I'm flogging a dead horse with my portrait attempts! Terrific !!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I really like this. He certainly looks young and dianamic and full of hope for the future, and I think you have captured that.
I lived in the States for a long time and they country certainly need some uplifting and new management. Maybe he is the one to do it?

Art with Liz said...

You have done an amazing job on his portrait - great work Sharon. Is your uneasiness anything to do with the world's expectations from one man?