Monday, 31 January 2011

Marys' Girls 10" x 12" Oil

Having started this a couple of weeks ago, I put the finishing touches to it today. Mary asked me to do this for her last summer, so it is with many, shamefaced apologies that I shall take it along to the WA on Wednesday to see if she likes it.

'Out To Lunch' , Work In Progress

And on my easel, as well as the three 'swing' paintings for the hospital, is this. I was so cross at such bad manners and I'm afraid I took it personally, but, really, how often do we see this...people totally engrossed with their mobile phones. I have a worry that soon we shall no longer have the ability for conversation! I thought a painting would be therapeutic, as I really don't want to be cross with my family!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Honfleur (after Seago) 26" x 18" Oil

Not quite finished this today at the WA, just a few fiddles I think. A welcome respite from faces and figures and much enjoyed. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Swing Jump Sequence 36" x 36" x 3* Oil WIP

I have finally started on the three remaining hospital paintings, very quickly scrubbing in the figures. I decided to go with the sequence, after all. I can see a lot wrong, but shall amend as I go. Hopefully they will look like the same boy jumping off the swing!

Friday, 21 January 2011

No Return 12" x 12" Oil

I have worked this up and I like it. I don't like the other two so I'm thinking of doing two others at the point of no return. Jumping off a swing, that is. Should make an interesting trio.
I didn't notice that I hadn't blended the red in the face till it was on the computer! Sorry. Well it was getting dark!
Have a splendid weekend, everyone!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kenneth Williams by Jon MacFadyen

Please allow me to introduce my nephew, Jon MacFadyen. He is actually my great-nephew-in-law! old am I! I admit to a little envy. He has just started at Uni, in his chosen field, with the full support and encouragement of his parents (and family). He is always drawing but is very shy, so this is only the second piece I have seen. And I love it! He says it is not finished, but I think it is a very powerful image as is.

More 'Breakfast' + Doodles

I've done some more work on this today, mainly getting the colour of the sweater right. I will get round to painting the chair, promise!

I've also been doodling my idea for the remaining paintings for the hospital. I want to do a sequence of a child jumping off a swing, but I can't find the perfect reference photos. I might change my mind completely, but shall work these up to completion and see how I feel then.


The suggestion for a subject at the WA yesterday, was to copy a famous painting. I chose 'Honfleur' by Edward Seago, because hubby likes it, and so I promised him a copy last year. It isn't famous, not like the 'Mona Lisa' and I can't even find it on Google, so I have taken a photo from my book. 
I admit it looked like an easy job...but the detail is astounding...and it looks just blue and yellow....but it isn't! To be finished next week.
PS. Jacqui made fruitcake and I am happy to report that I abstained! Everyone said it was delish! 

Friday, 14 January 2011

Me + Breakfast

I was watching David R Darrow this morning, here, drawing a charcoal portrait, and just had to have a go. Of course he makes it look so easy and needless to say I don't have little sponge caps for my palette knife. I've always used my fingers, they will do, right? No! Wrong paper, not smooth and I picked up a carbon pencil, not charcoal. Oh well.

Remember 'Stir' ? The delicate china cup and saucer and the BIG man's hand. I wondered if the incongruity would translate to a wider view, hence WIP 'Breakfast'. Of course, the star of the show is the cup and saucer, which I haven't painted yet. Watch this space!
Another point of interest is that I painted this on a cadmium ground, which is something I have seen often in others' work. I adore the flecks of red showing through. Carolann pointed out that it is the reason her landscapes 'glow'.
Also, and finally, this is the first interior I have painted. I prefer figures to stand alone and I have always found the prospect rather scary. It was easier than I imagined to place everything but I do think the painting is cluttered. Your thoughts welcome and appreciated...please.
Oops, one other thing...thanks to all my new followers, I appreciate your interest and your time in keeping up with my stuff. I shall get around to finding out what you all do very soon.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Jump for Joy 16" x 20" Oil

Played fast and loose this afternoon! With a big brush (for me) and lots of paint, I slapped it on and had a good time. I think, with a lttle slow refinement, this will be nice.
With grateful thanks to Sallie Ryan, who agreed permission to use her delightful photograph.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pay Attention! 16" x 20" Oil

I started this yesterday at the WA, where almost everyone else were painting sweets. I didn't take sweets...too much of a temptation to eat them! So, this, from a photograph of friends, taken on a get together on New Years' Eve. Not sure that Alan will like his arm, or Roy his hands, but Myra is the star and she's good. I am pleased with it.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Swing Jump 20" x 30" Oil

I was just getting back into my stride and along came Christmas, with Roy off work for ten whole glorious days! I had a wonderful time, but got no painting done, so was itching to get back to "Swing Jump" this morning.
And on to the next one................