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Sunday, 26 April 2015

HAS Submission Day 2015

 Ready for  Waring Robinson, who is a Vice President of HAS, to judge the best 3D work. The winner was the contents of the boxes in the front of this pic, which were a couple of glass 'books'. 
 June Pickering made a very fine bathstone Buddha. Bet her hands and shoulders ache!
  Ready for the off!
 Judges, l to r, Abel Kesteven , Alex Roch , + Derek Daniells
 Sorting out the prizewinners from the work  given AAA
 Best in Show (!) 
 Best Work by a Member of HAS
 Best Abstract
 Best Watercolour
I thought I would show you some of my best friends work, who has no internet presence at all. This one was awarded AAA by the judges, and she had all her paintings accepted. I wish her talent would rub off on me a bit!

Apologies for terrible reflections on photos.

And my ducks came home again, as did the two boat paintings. I have to stop listening to other people and trust my own judgement. Lesson learned this time.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Alex 10" x 12" Oil

WA - Quick Figure Sketching

 I started the afternoon off by giving a quick demo. The delightful Sue modelled for me, with this, unfinished result. I went away wishing I had taken it more slowly, had explained better what I was doing. I wanted to show how to build form and not fiddle with details and I think I did that because the last couple of strokes did pull it all together. What a relief! Sue liked it enough to take it home!
Lost the plot here, but doing a complete drawing in 20 mins is not possible for me. I am quick, but not that quick!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Long, Tall, Thin + Sally et al....................

 Long, Tall, Thin + Sally    11", x 12", x 5",   Cherry      
Ramble  15"h    Cherry
Ducks   12" x 10"  Oil
 Boatline  8" x 26"   Oil
 Day Off   19" x 15"    Oil
Beached  12" x 16"  Oil

Finally, Long, Tall, Thin + Sally is finished and so, along with these five other pieces, is destined for Hertford Art Society Annual Exhibition. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ramble 15" H

I think this clumsy effort is as good as it gets! She's not pretty and it is unlikely to sell, but she is destined for Hertford Art Society's annual exhibition. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Life Drawing at Castle Acre

Went to Castle Acre today for an all day life session. The model this time stayed in the same pose all day. Some people worked on the same painting all day but I elected to change position after a scrummy lunch., the whole figure in charcoal and then zooming in with oil, both 20" x 16".
Brilliant day, thank you Helen and Sonia.

Friday, 20 March 2015


 No Idea
Skipping Rope

Postcards for the Little Painting Challenge

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Norwich Castle

Visited Norwich Castle today.......

 Where I saw some fabulous paintings in the exhibition 'Homage to Manet'

 Sir William Orpen
 Dame Laura Knight
Wilson Steer
John Singer Sargent
Transfixed by this one, 'The Black Brook' which I had not seen before. This reproduction was the best I could find quickly on www but it doesn't show how vibrant the colours are, how stunning the painting is in reality. What also took my attention were delightful graphite sketches of Madame X
Brilliant time in Norwich, topped off by fish and chips in Cromer!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


 Annie  20" x 16"  Oil
Remember Annie, my best mate from primary school, when we were 4/5 years old.

Lizzie  20" x 16"  Oil wip
So meet Lizzie, my best mate from primary school, when we were 4/5 years old. I know, I could never choose one over the other!
It is the magic of Facebook that we can be in touch with each other again after 45 years!
More work to be done on this one.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wash Art Group

 More Marbles   4" x 6"  Watercolour
 Skipping Rope  4" x 6"  Watercolour + Ink
Oliver  10" x 12"  Oil  In Progress No 2
I'm wondering if is chin is still too long? And his eyes in the wrong place, and his mouth not wide enough, and haven't got a slight tilt to the head?????............boy, am I having trouble with this one! It is marginally better than the first one, so I shall finish this.