Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WA - City Street

The brief was to continue from last week, so I did. I didn't like this but, with more work I have changed my mind. There is a sombre air about it that suggests it doesn't like what it has seen!
I offered to post others' work and had three takers............ will be delightful when finished, as usual!
Veronica.......I love the full frontal viewpoint, it grabs your attention.
June......AAAWWWWW! What else can you say when he looks at you like that!


I have framed three little doodles, two more to go, to exhibit in Framin' Art throughout December. So if you would like a closer look, and see the other two, get along to the shop in Downham Market from 2nd December.

Friday, 15 November 2013

En Plein Air

Having only once, 25 years ago, attempted en plein air painting, and hating it, I was a bit scared of making a complete idiot of myself. But the desire to meet artists such as Mo  and Haidee-Jo, whose work I have long admired, made me shift my arse! And I had the BEST day. I can't tell you what a buzz it is to say something and everyone knows EXACTLY what you mean! The company of other artists is HOME to me. Magic. They were ALL such lovely people. Next time I shall not hesitate. My painting was rubbish, but, hey, first time guys!
 Plein Air-ers full of lunch! Malcolm Cudmore, Rosemary Carruthers, Jennifer Sendall, Linda Matthews, Mo Teeuw, Helen Herbert, Haidee-Jo Summers, and Mari French.
My feeble effort....Brancaster Staithe   10" x 12"  Oil

WA - City Street

Sole Bay Inn,  Southwold    16" x 20"
I know.....not exactly a street.....and I don't have an image for reference of what I had in mind....except maybe this;
Just discovered his work.....fabulous them.....inspiring.!
I started this portrait of Judith, who makes wonderful, often coloured pencil, images of many of the same items, ie. keys, pencils, beach huts, deckchairs, last week. She is inspirational too! Wish I could show you.

I had hoped to finish this but the lighting proved impossible. Maybe next week, because I really wanted to paint from life. I have taken photos, however, just in case the mood strikes to continue before next Wednesday.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


 Paramedic   20" x 30"  Acrylic  
 My buyer mentioned that Sue had a charcoal, so, not having a record of it, (couldn't remember, more like!) I asked if he would email me a photo of it.
Busker Boy  12" x 18"  Charcoal 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Not Painting...Selling!




 I've not been painting because I have been framing, labelling, transporting and exhibiting. Last week I sold EIGHT.........YES 8!...........paintings. And this week I am framing, labelling, transporting for  exhibiting at
May the trend continue!