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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Me Again 10" x 10" Oil WIP

I'm sorry but I just had to have a go at this! I'm using the Zorn palette, black, white, red and yellow, and a big brush, and I wanted to be sparing with the brush strokes, a la Carole Marine.
Well, it's not a bad likeness, but it is a mess! I hope I can salvage something tomorrow!
The problem with me is that I spend half of most mornings looking at what other people are doing. I watch David Darrow, Carole Marine, Susan Carlin, Duane Keiser et al, and think "I can do that". Well I can't! I have learned a lot about the technicalities, warm and cool colours, mediums, grounds, brushes etc, etc and I am very grateful to all those folks. But I am so easily distracted from finding my own way, and I am getting nowhere fast.
So, I have decided, that for two weeks I am not going to look on the internet, or at any of my books and paint portraits without the distractions. Watch this space!
All comments gratefully appreciated.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Sharon, What a grand idea! I have the same problem, amost like I use the internet as an excuse to stop painting. BB (before blogging) I would get up in the morning, have coffee and paint, sometimes all day. Now I am lucky to get 2 or 3 hours in with the brushes.

By the way, I like the self portrait! Good luck, cannot wait to see what your produce in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your thinking this is a mess, its wonderful! Even if its not finished it has a "softness" feel about it, I can see you are using a different palette and I feel it is going in another direction to your previous self portraits. I'm envious, but I know it's sheer hard work and determination to get to your level of ability. I also agree wholeheartedly about the internet, once I'm on this computer nothing else gets done, I know I should be practising my drawing skills or something but I absolutely adore blogging - I'm limiting it to just a few hours a week now though. Look forward to seeing the finished portrait, it's sooooo lovely.

Leon Basin said...

That is really good! Thank You!!!

Susan Carlin said...

You can SO do it. You've BEEN doing it. Portraiture is not falling off a log, though, as you know. It's exacting and it takes more time and a willingness to keep coming back to it with fresh eyes after leaving it periodically. I LOVE your work, Sharon. So lighten up, sweet Girlfriend, put some pretty music on and have a go. Hugs from Texas!

Sharon Wright said...

Carol and Carolann, it was a grand idea, but impossible. I get comments that have to be investigated, something intrigues me on their blog and I am away, totally engrossed and four hours have gone! I adore the blogosphere too. I am trying though.
Leon, no, THANK YOU.
Susan,you are my soulmate, my inspiration, I aspire to be as good as you, I love Your work.