Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Disconnected Oils 24" x 20"

Yesterday I spent time amending Disconnected after a discussion with friends at Hertford on Saturday. The genera opinion was that there needed to be more contrast. I'm still not happy, we'll see what develops today. I want to get this finished to show at a forthcoming exhibition, but I have to be pleased with it.
I have a problem with oils, I can spend an hour getting something just right and move on to another part, only to find that I have smudged the previous work! It is very irritating! It is a point in favour of acrylics.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Last days Of The Lacuna Cabal

There is a competition to design a book cover on the Saatchi Gallery Online website.

That is what I have been doing today. Would you buy the book?
Obviously, this drawing is not for sale.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Sudoko Wins Again Oil 20" x 24"

Not quite as I envisaged! I was hoping for a flat poster like picture but, as usual, I just had to start fiddling with the face!

One of my inspirations, for starting with red, is a portrait by David Cobley called Edward, which can be found at

David and I hail from the same little town in the middle of England, so of course I am and avid fan. He is brilliant and someone to aspire to, for me, even though I don't have a hope in hell!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Kate Acrylic + Charcoal 20" x 30"

Hi fans, I've not been painting this week because I've not been well. It started with the funny throat and got progressively worse. My poor husband, Roy, has had no sleep! I have not stopped coughing. What price health? I have bought myself some masks today, six for 1.99p!!!!!! take heed all you pastellists and charcoal lovers.

Today I started a new portrait. It is nowhere near completed, but I thought I would give you some background.

I have in the past, many times, drawn in charcoal on an coloured acrylic ground. I have always been a bit wishy washy with the colour, but to nice enough effect, I think. No more wishy washy for me. Today I started with a solid cadmium deep red ground! I think more acrylic paint will be needed , but we shall see.

Hope you enjoy the example of wishy washy, it will be something to compare.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Red Hair Acrylics + Pastel 16" x 20"

My mission today was to clean up the studio and frame a couple of the pictures for the forthcoming exhibition. I am so easily distracted! I found another half completed drawing.

So I got to work on it.

I did actually frame two pictures as well, so I didn't get completely off-track.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Life Study Acrylics 30" x 20"

Found an old photo of one of the Hertford Art Society models today. I knew I had begun a painting already, at an Art Society life drawing session, but had discarded it. Well, waste not, want not, so I dug it out. I was amazed that I had left it unfinished, so I had good fun amending where necessary.

I didn't do any painting yesterday. We are hoping to sell the house and move to the coast. We had some viewings lined up so housework took priority, and then prospective buyers were upon us. I have everything crossed that this time..................!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Disconnected Oils 24" x 20"

Today, I had to get back to the oils, first because blowing all that pastel dust about yesterday has affected my throat, which is very dry and scratchy! I know Health + Safety (and common sense)dictates that I should wear a mask. But, honestly, do you know anyone that does?
Second, I have an group exhibition coming up at Easter, organised by the Lea Valley Art Society, with whom I have had a long association. It was the first Society I ever joined, and it was like coming home! They made me feel very welcome and definitely spurred me on. I feel very guilty now as I have abandoned them and am no longer a member! Anyway, I am determined that this year I shall not be in a mad panic to get work ready for the exhibition.

I didn't like the composition of Disconnected, as you know, so I have added to it again. I feel quite pleased with my mornings' work!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

I hope you have been able to check out the website? If you have you will know what I have been doing in the last two days. Today, I decided to leave the oils alone, as I get a headache in my shut up, very cosy, studio. I enjoyed my outing with charcoal, yesterday, so did the same again today, and found an old life drawing that I could play with. I belong to Hertford Art Society, ( check out who, brilliantly, organise a life drawing day once a month. June Pickard actually organises it, she's fantastic. We usually have two models, and most will allow photographs, which is really useful for future reference. Such as today.
The image on the top is where I started. Underneath is where it is now. Any comments happily received, perhaps you preferred it to start with? You can't buy the first one, sorry, but the other is available. Email me?

Feb 7th 2008

Hi, glad you could join me.

As I am completely new to this I hope you will bear with me. My idea is to share my thoughts

and work on a daily basis.

I started to do this on my website, which can be found at

but even after two days it was tedious, as it is not set up as a blog. So then I found this.

I have just lost my job as a medical receptionist, so what better opportunity to promote my art.

Most everything is for sale, so if anything catches your eye, please email me and we can do a

deal. I am happy to send anywhere.

Hope you check in again.