Friday, 29 May 2009

Christopher 20" x 20" Oil WIP

So, here is Christopher, using the same colours and washy paint as with Becca. I am hoping to unify the paintings by also using the background to link them. No idea how, yet!

And here they are , together.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Becca 20" x 20" Oil WIP

The initial blocking in, in very thin paint, of Becca, Sarahs' delightful daughter. The plan next is to get to the same stage with Christopher, Sarahs' equally delightful, quieter, son. I would like to work on both paintings at the same time to give some unity to the pair. It will take a very long time to complete if it doesn't stop raining!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sarah 20" x 17" Charcoal

Sarah is my very exceptional, very sorely missed, ex-neighbour. She offered her time to help us to move house, and she worked like a dog. No stopping her til the job was done. She put me to shame. OK she is 25 years younger, but even so, she is hard working, knows her own mind, gets what she wants, is bringing up two children, virtually on her own, as dad works away from home, and has renovated a wreck of a house to exceptional standard. She has my admiration, and this is for her. Next on the agenda is her two children, Becca and Christopher, watch this space and hope for good weather, as my garden is now my studio! Can't stink the house out with oils!
Thank you all who sent good wishes for my house move, which did go very well, almost according to plan. Very grateful thanks to Sarah and Alex, Roy's mate and colleague, we couldn't have done so well without you.
I love it here. We are on the edge of the village, and it is sooooooo quiet. My car has been off the road so I have yet to explore the surroundings, although I have cycled around the immediate locality. All utterly delightful, I have a mind to paint some landscapes, and trees! I never knew how much I mised them! And now I have a garden full.
I got my internet connection back only yesterday, it took three weeks to get a phone line! I shall not reply to everyone who has posted messages or sent emails, but I sincerely thank you all. And I have missed you and look forward to catching up with what you have been up to. ( Sorry, terrible grammar!)
Happy painting, everyone, it is so good to be back.