Thursday, 30 August 2012

Profile Sketch Tiddled...and more...

I tiddled this a bit today, but I have mostly been working on a commissioned triple portrait, which I don't (as yet) have permission to post.
I've not been painting much lately because house and garden have needed attention...yeah I know...boring! But it will be worth it in the end. I've been digging up trees and knocking down walls so that it feels like I have moved house!

From this....
to this.
This is my lounge minus a wall.
There will soon be a wall and doorway to separate lounge from bedroom and bathroom! French doors to the dining room, new skirting and architrave and floor, and then...then we can decorate. Woohoo!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Profile Sketch 10" x 7.5" Oil

It seems like I've wiped everything I've done this week! Useless! I have joined Maggie Lathams' Small Paintings Group on Facebook, so, today I told myself "get on with it!". As the challenge is for watercolour, and I don't have paper, I nevertheless though I would have a go at small. It was one of those paintings where I just didn't worry at the outcome, but instinct took over and it turned out just fine. And I don't like small!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kathy 16" x 20" Charcoal

I have been tiddling with this, today, which I started, from life, at the last Hertford Art Society life session. Kathy was sitting opposite me, and having exhausted the possibilities of the models' pose, I spent the last half an hour scribbling. Had not Kathy expressed a wish for the drawing I doubt I would have returned to it, mainly because it is on the backing cardboard of a sketch pad!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Self Scrutiny Too 12" x 14" Oil

Finished! Well I might have to tiddle the eyes...........I'm not looking at me am I?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Remember this? I didn't want to do what I should have been doing, so I got this out. Wasn't happy with the red and yellow, and the jug didn't sit on the table!

Not Mine! 16" x 20"  Oil

So I remedied that and I'm happy. Sorry, Pam, but I love this!

Self Scrutiny Too  12" x 14"  Oil

Miserable again! Well you'd think so........:)
I had a lovely afternoon slapping the paint my usual reserved manner........and I like how I look ten years younger.

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Shire Seen

Today I went to Lincoln, specifically to see the
 'The Shire Seen', a joint exhibition by Greg Kapka and Fraser Scarfe, held in The Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral. 
I loved Lincoln, the magnificent architecture, the cobbled streets, the nooks and crannies, though not the traffic and the oh, so slow traffic lights!

Then, the exhibition, which, as you can see, is in the glorious Chapter House! What a venue!
But I have to say the paintings made their presence felt even amidst such grandeur. How could two such different artists come together and make it work? But Frasers' flamboyant energy was complimented perfectly by Gregs' meticulous calm.
I have only recently come across Fraser, and found him to be like a breath of fresh air, blowing away some cobwebs and getting me thinking along new lines.
I followed Gregs' blog for a couple of years, blown away by his work, admiring his determination, and then he disappeared! Now you can imagine how thrilling to see these two exhibiting together! Fantastic!
We had a lovely chat...Fraser is off to London to study but Greg has no immediate plans. I just hope he doesn't disappear again!
The exhibition runs for two more days...go get there, people!