Sunday, 26 November 2017


I attended a brilliant workshop for drypoint, led by the fantastic NICOLA SLATTERY RBA. Instruction was clear, simple, easily understood, Nicola was a very good tutor. We all enthusiastically got stuck in, and produced some lovely prints. It was a fabulously enjoyable day. So, now, does anyone have an unwanted printing press for sale? I would really like to do more!

Monday, 6 November 2017

The First Ones

 I love this flower girl.....but her leg is wonky, and, I wonder if she was a reject! I can find no reference on the internet, although I can find similarly styled other work. I think her wonky leg adds to her charm.

 I love how tactile this one is, to hold in your hand is calming and stress-relieving.
This one reminds me of one I made myself when I was about twenty.

You might wonder why I posted a pic of a portable easel in the last post. To illustrate the fantastic bargains can be found sometimes. This easel sells for £150 when new. I picked up this beauty for £15! I do love a bargain.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


My interest has been elsewhere this year. I have been frequenting the local Antiques markets and finding amazing treasure. I adore small bronzes, although only because I can’t afford big ones! I buy what I like which has resulted in a very mixed bag, but I love them all.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Best in Show


Awarded the John Simpson Memorial Award , which means the best work in the whole show!

Prestigious in my little community, but WooHoo! I am chuffed.



Sunday, 20 August 2017

Teal 16" x 16" Oil

I was wary of painting the dress. How do you mix that colour? The nearest ready made was cost prohibitive, so I went with instinct , advice from friends and internet investigation and I had a go.

It was the colour of the dress which attracted me after all, combined with that glorious red hair, Comparison here suggests too green?

Not sure if this is finished, I shall put it aside for a few days and review. It needs some refining maybe.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Catch- up.

Having not posted for ten months I thought it overdue to show a few examples of what I have been up to. With Roy needing medical treatment , and a new address to sort out, you know, new kitchen, bathroom, etc and exploring to do, I've not done much. A bit of life drawing and portraiture, a couple of selfies, and a workshop with Francis Bowyer in Southwold last week about sums it up.
This is for my Ma and my best friend, Stella, who don't see my updates on Facebook, and who I think have missed my blogging!

Self 16" x 16"  Oil
Self Too 16" x 16"  Oil
Southwold Tonal sketch

Southwold from the Harbour  12" x 10" Oil
Market 12" x 10" Pastel
Wallflower  WIP
Life drawing at Bungay
Life drawing at Castle Acre
Portraits with Southwold Art Circle

Eloise 10" x 12"  Oil
Southwold  12" x 10" Watercolour

Seagulls Ink

Life drawing at Bungay

Triple Jo      Charcoal


Life Drawing at Bungay

Musician   Charcoal

Portraits at Southwold