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Friday, 26 September 2008

Sale Ended

The sale on my website has now ended. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to take a look. I am sorry to report that not a single painting is worth 50 quid, nor even worth a comment. I am not sure what I was expecting but I feel stupid and humiliated. I can't do this anymore.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Sharon, Please don't be so dejected. Your paintings are lovely. I think this is all about expectations. I do this to myself also when I set up expectations and then fail to reach them, be it entry into a show (let alone an award) or a lack of sales. I try to handle it by reminding myself of all the joy art gives me, that I am competing with myself and that my growth is what I am working toward. When I finish a painting that I am happy with, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. That is what is important to me, not the opinion of some "art expert" or whether or not it sales. It is about me! I had a very good year (for me) 3 years ago sales wise, but since then it has turned to dribbles and dabs. I think this is true throughout history, that is why we are called starving artists.

Sharon, it will be a very sad day for you and me and all your other blogger friends if you don't overcome your sorrow and stop painting. We would miss you terribly, and you will be missing what could and should be a totally wonderful aspect of your life.

Beverly Sams said...


This is the way I feel every morning of every day the moment I walk into my studio. And then I pick up a brush and start slapping paint on a canvas. You simply cannot give up. There's an old Chinese saying, not an exact quote here, but just at the point you're ready to give up is when you are on the edge of a major breakthrough. I have to tell you that your paintings of Leon, Jonathon, and Roy are so beautiful. Don't depend only on your website for sales. Although we all want them, sales are not the only indicator of progress or success. I should take my own advice! I don't care who reads this. If you're like me, you read, eat, sleep, and breathe painting. Read Harley Brown's first book. We are kindred souls...

you may edit this as you see fit

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Sharon, please come back!

Abongile said...

Hi Sharon
I think I know a little of what you feel when one of my paintings was marked right down by the judges on our annual selection day. I was ready to throw it all up, but you don't paint for others, you paint for you and what you like. I also believe that the people who read your blog are like me, artists as well, and like you, have a garage full of paintings. I know from my personal point of view that 50 pounds is a lot of money when converted to our currency. Don't give up - your style is exciting.

Art with Liz said...

Don't give up Sharon. These feelings pass and I enjoy the way you interpret your subjects. I too, have a garage full of paintings, and that's just after 18 months.

Anonymous said...

I think you are feeling very depressed right now but it is the same for us all. What we create is a luxury item, no one needs a painting in order to exist. Especially in the present economic climate. I just about have enough money for my art materials which I think is more important than clothes or make-up. All open exhibitions here only sell 5% of the work and unfortunately artists here are like bunny rabbits, reproducing everywhere! My friend had an exhibition for a month on top of an art shop, cost her a fortune to frame everything up and was working all hours to get it ready, only to be let down. She only sold one unframed work for £45 and had to pay 50% to the shop. I think we just have to be in this game for the pure joy of doing it and maybe, just maybe we get a sale now and then. I'm still waiting.

Bill Brauker said...

I am going to join the chorus. I know exactly how you feel. You put your heart into something, and expect others will see the value, and yet it doesn't sell. I have been experiencing that a lot myself lately. I think some of it has to do with the economy, but don't really know the answer.

All I can say is keep painting. It is the work that is important.

When I get down on myself, I think of poor Vincent, painting by himself in the fields and having to endure the ridicule of others. He could have quit, but didn't and we are all better off for his persistence.

We may not all be recognized for our work as much as we want, but we must continue.

Best wishes for many more great paintings from you in the next year.


Jeff said...

Hi Sharon,
hey girl, wot you thinking off? Do you paint for money? If you are the Shaz i know you do it because you want to , that is why you are good. Artists who paint for money are , like anybody who does something for money, shallow and false. You have a rare talent driven by the heart, money should not enter into it. Also, just to be the hard headed completely non-artistic philistine i am, isn't the UK in a recession? money is tight and whether you like it or not, spending money on art is probably the last thing on everybodies mind, it has absolutely nothing to do with your talent.
ok telling off done
love you
Your Canadian Fan Club

Sharon Wright said...

Thank you so much everyone, such kindness and strong feeling is overwhelming. And very helpful. I'm ready to give it my all again!
And I promise I shall not feel sorry for myself again, because it is such a privilege to be able to paint as I do.
And Jeff, kick up the butt accepted, but you know very well that I couldn't stop painting if I wanted to! What I want to know you like 'Sisters" or not?

Jeff said...

I know you couldn't give up if you tried, that is why your paintings have feeling.
Sisters is very good, how you have managed to capture the essence of the girls is pure genius, mind you they can be pain in the backsides too, just like all sisters heh!!!!!!