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Monday, 7 March 2011

Eastern Open

'Out To Lunch'   24" x 24"  Oil

'Swing Jump'  60" x 36"  Oil

These are as good as they are going to get! I ran out of time. I had it in my head the submission day was 28th March.......wrong! 4th or 5th March it should be. Happily, they telephoned to ask if I wanted to withdraw and gave me until Friday, when I made my excuses. I was delighted, and surprised to be given leaway, but it means I don't have the extra week to tiddle them up. They weren't framed yesterday! The third one I am submitting is still in progress! Is this what they call by the skin of your teeth?
I will post details of the exhibition nearer the time and whether I get any accepted.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Sharon, your "out to lunch" has come out beautifully. You really captured a sight we too often see these days with reliance on electronics and less personal interraction.

Sadami said...

Dear Sharon,
Nice paintings! Me, too, love caputre moments in our daily life.
Kind regards,

Angela Samson said...

Hi Sharon, I just love the way you have captured the people in the "out to lunch" piece. So relaxed and very typical of todays lifestyle.

SKIZO said...


David Larson Evans said...

Did I say I love these ..I love these

Susan Roux said...

These are so fun! How did it go?