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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Street Vibe 24" x 19" Oil

I started this yesterday, so took it to the WA to carry on, even though the brief was 'something that flies (not aeroplanes).
My natural inclination is to carry on further, tidy up the drawing errors, get more detail in the instruments, but I am not going to because I have been trying for years to paint like this. With immediacy and feeling and definitely no fiddling!
We shall see if I can resist the urge tomorrow.
I offered this band first option to buy the painting....and got myself in trouble for not asking permission to use the images I took out in the street. My apologies.


Jane said...

Resist Sharon!! The painting is perfect this way, loose , easy and joyful. Wow

Carolann said...

I just love it as it is. Amazing. I can almost hear that foot tapping sound - lots of movement and nice and loosely painted. I like the composition of the three musicians too. I wish I had done this!! Lucky you. This one is a winner!

Celeste Bergin said...

A very good your work...great energy! :)

Carol Schiff Studio said...

It's perfect, just the way it stands!

Have not visited in some time and I am so happy to see your lovely works again.

Sadami said...

Dear Sharon,
I love this painting!! Lively and fresh!
Cheers, Sadami

Stinkingzombie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stinkingzombie said...

Doesn't surprise me that he had a go at you. I used to work with him. Such a negative man. Great work though, captures them well.

Sharon Wright said...

Thank you STINKINGZOMBIE I appreciate your visit and your taking the time and signing up to comment! I admit I was was not the response I had anticipated. I thought they would be flattered!

Swervy World said...

Perhaps Stinking Zombie can reveal his real name and then we can all know the real reason why he does not work in the band any more? With reference to the art. First I heard about this was when
the artist in question actually tried to sell the work to Swervy World. which was a bit of a shock as she had not asked permission to use our image for her own gain in the first place. And hence the unthrilled response. Good art or not we would apreciate at least the grace of asking our permission to title these musicians 'Swervy World' as it makes us look like a bunch of old tramps and does not look much like us anyway. Am I supposed to be thrilled about someone wishing to make money from our band without our consent? If we were models we would have been paid and signed a release form. As it is. Swervy World got nothing, not even a polite ask if it is OK to reproduce us in this image.