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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


We had a 'Bob Ross' afternoon, led by Pat, who had printed a picture of trees and bluebells for us to interpret. She had printed step by step instructions and demonstrated along the way.
Thank you Pat. 

And here we all are showing off our efforts.
back l - r  Pat, Veronica, Judith, 3 x anonymous!, Mary, Jacqui.
front l -r Me, Sue, Christine and Penny.
Shame on you (I think) Doris, June and Iris for hiding!
We all agreed it was a good afternoon.
I haven't ever investigated the Bob Ross phenomenum, too slick for me, but I always think you can learn from everyone. I wouldn't normally work from back to front, light to dark, quite the opposite, in fact, by placing my darks first, but today I added another way of working, which may well be appropriate for a painting one day.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Very nice, Sharon...and, look at all those happy faces.