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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brothers Too WIP

I have been working on Steve, although I'm not sure where! I took this photograph while it was still daylight, which was about halfway through my session today. Trying so hard to keep it loose, but it is not happening. Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, drat it!
I don't know if it is the cold, but I had to keep nipping indoors to pay a visit! Not good for concentration!


Anonymous said...

This is coming along great, I know how difficult glasses are to draw cos I've been sketching Barry for practice. You make it look easy.

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks, Carolann, I don't know about the easy bit!I find the best way to do glasses is to paint the bits in between, and, hey presto, he has glasses on. Will you be posting your sketches of Barry, would love to see.

Art with Liz said...

This is taking shape very nicely - you're very good with the human figure!

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks, Liz, lots of practise, don't often paint anything else!