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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Jan 16" x 20" oil WIP

After I cleared a path to my easel ( how does it get like that!!??) I made a start on my sister Janice. I have no more siblings, I promise. It looks nothing like her, yet, so expect a transformation.
We are as chalk and cheese. She is an accountant, can there be anything more different to an artist? I'm fat, she's skinny, I'm a dreamer, her feet are firmly on the ground, I waffle, she calls a spade a spade, she's soppy about children and animals, I'm not, she's lived in the same town all her life, I haven't ... you get the picture. We do, though, get on very well.
Roy has a couple of days off work, so I shall probably not do any more to this until next week.
Have a joyous weekend and happy painting!


Dianne said...

Dear Sharon, I'm sure it is so much more meaningful for you to paint people that are close to you and you know so well, we have come to know your family! When are you going to paint Roy? Is this your husband/partner?
Have a wonderful festive season and look forward to your postings when you get back to it.

Anonymous said...

I always wished I had a sister!