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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Brothers Too 20" x 16" Oil

This has to be a finish! It started as a fast, loose sketch, but has taken ages! At last, Andy looks a bit like Andy, and I like the greyed tone of it and the tension. No prizes for guessing what they were doing......watching TV. I think Arsenal were playing, hence the clenched fist!

If you would like to purchase this painting for 120 GBP please email me.


Art with Liz said...

Great painting. You've really caught that intense expression only rabid football fans get!

Did the Gunners win?

Pattie Wall said...

Oh Sharon, I love the casual attitude you captured. They look full of thought and anticipation. Your greying on them is great!

Dianne said...

Hi Sharon, I'm sure Andy and Steve must like this painting, have they seen it yet? I was just looking at the hands, you are very good at getting them to look right, I find hands incredibly difficult to draw and paint.

Barbara Pask said...

This is very nice Sharon, I too like the grayed tones that you used. Love the last post, your self portrait. Can't believe you let that go.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I do so admire your work and have enjoyed scrolling back quite a way. Good to see the brothers developing - colours and mood changed radically.

Anonymous said...

Wow you have posted lots since I last looked. Portraits are the most difficult of all subjects I believe. I really like this one and also you reading. You are very good at tonal ranges which I find so hard to look convincing. Well done!

Sharon Wright said...

Thank yo so much for your lovely comments,ladies!
Liz, I did this from a photo taken years ago, I have no idea who won!
Pattie, I have discovered that I much prefer a greyed, muted, colour
scheme and it is probably because I find it easier to manage than brilliant colour.
Dianne, Andy and Steve haven't seen the painting and probably never will, we are not a close family. I have trouble with hands, too, I usually make them far too big!
Barbara, I always think I can paint another, of course I don't, (with one exception)because if I try find I can't!
Joan, I often wonder if posting WIPs is boring, so you have answered that, Thank you.
Carolann, Had to smile, because I am so afraid of tonal ranges, I feel I am either too feeble or too stark, you have given me confidence, thank you.