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Thursday, 7 February 2008

I hope you have been able to check out the website? If you have you will know what I have been doing in the last two days. Today, I decided to leave the oils alone, as I get a headache in my shut up, very cosy, studio. I enjoyed my outing with charcoal, yesterday, so did the same again today, and found an old life drawing that I could play with. I belong to Hertford Art Society, ( check out who, brilliantly, organise a life drawing day once a month. June Pickard actually organises it, she's fantastic. We usually have two models, and most will allow photographs, which is really useful for future reference. Such as today.
The image on the top is where I started. Underneath is where it is now. Any comments happily received, perhaps you preferred it to start with? You can't buy the first one, sorry, but the other is available. Email me?


gary ward said...

nice site let me know if you can read this .


JJ said...

Hi Sis

Love your blog. Hope it works. Speak soon JJ