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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Feb 7th 2008

Hi, glad you could join me.

As I am completely new to this I hope you will bear with me. My idea is to share my thoughts

and work on a daily basis.

I started to do this on my website, which can be found at

but even after two days it was tedious, as it is not set up as a blog. So then I found this.

I have just lost my job as a medical receptionist, so what better opportunity to promote my art.

Most everything is for sale, so if anything catches your eye, please email me and we can do a

deal. I am happy to send anywhere.

Hope you check in again.

1 comment:

Canadian Dickos said...

wot,bout time you concetrated on something you are bloody good at. Hail the maestro(ess?)