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Friday, 8 February 2008

Disconnected Oils 24" x 20"

Today, I had to get back to the oils, first because blowing all that pastel dust about yesterday has affected my throat, which is very dry and scratchy! I know Health + Safety (and common sense)dictates that I should wear a mask. But, honestly, do you know anyone that does?
Second, I have an group exhibition coming up at Easter, organised by the Lea Valley Art Society, with whom I have had a long association. It was the first Society I ever joined, and it was like coming home! They made me feel very welcome and definitely spurred me on. I feel very guilty now as I have abandoned them and am no longer a member! Anyway, I am determined that this year I shall not be in a mad panic to get work ready for the exhibition.

I didn't like the composition of Disconnected, as you know, so I have added to it again. I feel quite pleased with my mornings' work!

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