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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


The brief box! 

Mine, watercolour.

Jacqui, acrylic and pastels, that post box is awesome!

Pat, amazing detail and gorgeous zoomed in composition.

Christine, delicate watercolour washes and intricate pen work make a superb study.

Brenda, watercolour pencils, I think, but she forgot her brush! Lovely study, hope to see it finished.

June, love the incongruity!

Veronica, simple but very effective. Splendid brickwork!

I didn't want to fiddle with mine, so I did this poppy too.

Who would have thought such a simple idea would result in so many different and amazing paintings? No way would I be able to pick a favourite.

1 comment:

Michael Bailey said...

Excellent pieces from everyone at the WA Sharon. Love the poppy too. Did you use coloured pencil on this? Oh yes - well done for braving the chill in the studio with the DIY modelling on your previous post!