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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today we enjoyed a pastel demonstration by Maureen Drake.


She began by warming up with a 40 minute demo of her blending tecnique.

Then Maureen began work in earnest with a very complicated scene of trees, flowers, water and reflections.

At the end of the afternoon, with a not quite finished painting. Such a shame we ran out of time, Maureen worked like a demon!

Next week we shall be putting everything we have learned into practice. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are a few examples of my pastel work from quite a few years ago.



Fun to see others varied techniques.
Love your ballerina pieces Sharon!

Celeste Bergin said...

beautiful "old" you switch back and forth between pastels and paint? I do like them both also.

Michael Bailey said...

Love these 'old' pastels Sharon, especially the ballet class ones. Absolutely gorgeous. More please!

BrandNewStudio said...

Great Work

Anonymous said...

Pastels are amazing. Do you still have them? They are very good.