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Friday, 21 October 2011

Reflections Too 10" x 12" Oil

This is another version of a painting I did back in Aug 2008, done at the request of a friend. This is the third time that someone has wanted a painting that has already been sold! I am always happy to do another version, which has been agreeable in each of the three cases.
Does this happen to you? Do you offer to paint a similar painting?


Jane said...

Well, it hasn't happened yet, but in the event I would do as you..paint another one. And anyway this painting is very beautiful, there is such a holiday - and peaceful feeling to it.

Michael Bailey said...

Lovely, lovely light and feeling in this one Sharon. Well, as you know, not sold any yet - let alone had to do one again LOL.

Naked One said...

I re-do pictures even when not asked! Particularly if they sell. It can take several attempts to paint the image as well as I hope to. I learn each time and each painting is unique.

Celeste Bergin said...

I like how these people are "in-step". No wonder it has been a popular painting. I haven't re-created any of my paintings..but I likely would if someone wanted me to.