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Monday, 29 November 2010

Early Stuff

I seem to have hit a brick wall, haven't been able to get going at all since the onset of British Winter Time! So I thought I would show you some really early stuff, so you can see how I have improved...or not!

'Thelma'  Pastel on Canson Mi Teintes 

'Andrew' Pastel on Paper  One of the very first pictures I made.

'Jim'  Charcoal on paper. Done during my week with Ken Paine. Blimey...was that eight years ago!

'Stella'  Oil on canvas board.

'Dr I M K Hiscock'  Acrylic on canvas board. 

'Jan' Acrylic on canvas board.

'Blue Mood' Acrylic on canvas board. Also done under the watchful eye of Ken Paine. I've done nothing like it before or since!

'A Good Joke' Oil on paper. 

'Interspect' Acrylic on canvas board. One of my all time favourites.

'Knife'  Mixed Media on canvas board. One of my very few still lifes.

'Apple Sauce' Acrylic on paper. One of my favourites, just because I get a kick to think of a pig watching!
Can you see him?
I hope to get back in the swing of it very soon....or maybe just show you some more oldies!


Machelle Blankenship said...

So nice to see so many great pieces.
The American winter is making work blah here too! Who want's to work in the cold and dreary...not I.

Carol Blackburn said...

They're all great, Sharon. Thanks for sharing. I love to see how people first started out and where they've come. I started a new acrylic today after a couple of weeks of being in a dry spell. Try painting something in your favorite color. I'm doing white tulips on purple. I think this could work. Enjoy your week.

David Larson Evans said...

Applesauce and Thelma are big hits to me. If you want out of a funk do more of these still lifes. Just a small challenge lets say 5.

Sadami said...

Dear Shannon,
I love them all! Especially, "Andrew" is so impressesive and lively. Quick drawing is fun. Yes, please upload your interesting work.
Kind regards,

Vern Schwarz said...

Awesome retrospective. Some more beauties to include in my "Sharon" file.