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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Douglas 20" x 16" Oil In Progress

Meet Douglas, a fellow artist who goes along to the WA with his wife Brenda, who has asked me to paint their portraits. I hope 'Brenda' goes as well as 'Douglas'. I'm enjoying it immensely, I think because he is such a lovely man, it is an honour to paint him. Very quiet, ( well you would be...surrounded by women!) when he speaks it is usually a very funny observation or helpful advice. 
I started this yesterday morning and took it along to the meeting, although the brief was to make Christmas cards. Should have taken some photographs.....they were very good and interesting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you work quickly. I am sure he will be amazed at your painting.

David Larson Evans said...

Looks great to me can't wait to see the other one side by side

Art with Liz said...

An incredible portrait Sharon! Such a lovely face.

Michelle said...

Such great expression in the face! Wonderfully done!