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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cherries in Glass 7" x 9" Watercolour

Having complained about losing my mojo ( whatever that means!), brilliant artist and fellow blogger,  David  has set me a challenge to get me back on track, to paint 5 still lifes! Not only not my usual subject, but I decided, not my usual medium either. So here is no.1. I am so SCARED of watercolour, but I was so surprised to really enjoy this. Half of that of course is that I didn't care what sort of mess I made. My two attempts yesterday went promptly on the fire, which gives an idea what they were like. I probably won't stay with watercolour,  I don't have a suitable ground, and I have been itching for a while to get out the more and See what you did, David, my mind is a-buzz! Thank you.


Sadami said...

Dear Shannon,
Very cute and lovely work. I really like it.
Watercolor does not eat you up. So, please do not get scard. Enjoy watercolor! Sketching is a great fun.

David Larson Evans said...

An excellent #1 in this series . Maybe an oil with a touch of palette knife, could be fun.