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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Brenda + Douglas 20" x 16" Oil

It is very evident, in these two paintings, the difference between digital and non digital photographs. I prefer digital, as they eliminate minute detail, and as I HAVE to paint what I see, I feel I paint better paintings from them. What do you think? Having said that, nothing beats painting from life, but who has the time or inclination to sit?
 So here we have Brenda + Douglas. I do hope they like them.
PS. How do you post pictures side by side?


Carol Blackburn said...

Very nice Sharon. I'm sure they will love them. As far as posting side by side it's tricky. You have to align one left and one right and often they lap over the right side of your blog. Other than that you can post them smaller so they both show on the computer screen at the same time. Hope that helps.

Pattie Wall said...

Hey Sharon - do you mean digital - no added lighting source vs. photographer's studio photo? I feel flash, so flattens out the figure..I have one heck of a time finding the contrast..and shadow, don't you? I love both of these! They are a different treatment in each one. I keep trying to do the side by sides as well, not too successful at it.

David Larson Evans said...

Excellent, I know where I'm going if I need my portrait painted

Sadami said...

Dear Shannon,
...well, that's a very challenging question for me, as I always make work from life. I'm planning to use photos more as references. In my eyes, if an artist well knows about anatomy and is skilful to handle values, she can re-build 3D information from photos. I cannot tell you well in English, but through my experiences of life sketches, photos often do not show what I want to tell. Accuracy and resembleness is a second priority for my portrait work. Rather, often exaggerated or incorrect visual information appeals to viewers in portraits, not meticulous. Paradoxically, exaggerated work begins to look like a model!
But this is my style. If my say is across a bridge, please pardon me. Keep up your wonderful work.
Best wishes,