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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Untitled + More Sketches

I wiped the colour off the 'door' three times and I am still not convinced! All suggestions gratefully received. If I could photograph it straight, it would help too!


Did a couple more sketches, this time with carbon pencil, because it is blacker than charcoal.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I think the door color is fine, but I know what you mean when something inside is not happy. I have a 36x48 canvas that has been hanging around my studio for over a year. The major elements are fine,but I cannot get something on the wall and floor portion that I am happy with. Bridesmaids is a wonderful sketch. Your drawing skills are top notch!

David Larson Evans said... them.

Beverly Sams said...

Hi, Sharon

I LOVE the sketches. Love this paintng, too. I can only guess that maybe reversing the color temps of the door and shirt might help the door come more "forward". I'm no expert, believe me, I like it the way it is!