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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gary Pencil 8" x 12"

Doesn't have quite the same appeal as a female, does it! This is my mate Gary who emigrated to USA, done from a photo, obviously. I used a Derwent Graphitint pencil, and found it difficult. You can't push it around like charcoal. I slapped some water on it, in frustration, and was happier!

I went to the studio with the intention of sorting out exactly what I was going to submit to the forthcoming exhibition. Although it is not until Easter, a form has to be sent beforehand, advising of your list of paintings, so a catalogue can be printed. This has to arrive by the 18th March.
I quite often put in some titles and then paint the pictures!


Anonymous said...

A great drawing, good compostion and tone. I am getting forms in form exhibitions now as well. Most of mine are still in progress and in oils so not sure what I will do. I am trying to get a body of work together this year for next year's exhibitions.

Anonymous said...

Just to say thanks for the link to Walkern Gallery, I used to know Stephen and Trevor. Stephen's work has improved greatly since I knew him 10 years ago. Trevor's work is fantastic as it always is. How does he get his tonal values so perfect? Makes me so envious, he is a real master to look up to isn't he?