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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Memo + Recline

I have fiddled again with the 'door' and this is the last time I shall post this, promise, except......

It looks OK in the frame but I think I prefer it like this! As your opinion, my blogging friends, is very important please be kind enough to vote for your preference at the end of this post, and whichever gets the most votes, Uncropped or Cropped, will then be submitted to the exhibition. Thank you.
Thanks to those who took the time, and thought, to vote, the overwhelming preference was for the CROPPED version. I think Roy has time to make a new frame!

I also had some fun today. From a sketch I did of one of the models at HAS, years ago.

If you would like to purchase 'Recline' (20" x 16" Oil) for 100 GBP please email me.


Anonymous said...

a nice piece. I like the latest version.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, I know just how you feel, decisions, decisions, Ugh..... I prefer the door, it's metaphorical for openings and closing, maybe the letter he is reading will represent this? I like to read allegorical things into paintings with people, like building a story around them. So yeah, I prefer it as it is. Not cropped. I think the judges will like that aspect. Love the pose as well. Good luck, then. x

RameshJhawar said...

Hi Sharon!I liked the cropped version.The focus is on the man reading the letter,lost in his thoughts!

Marian Fortunati said...

I liked it better cropped although both are nice.

By the way, that's really neat how you have those voting buttons. I've not seen that before!! Hmmmm.

Beautiful work in all of your posts!