Sunday, 31 December 2017

More Drypoint

I have been playing around with the drypoint, trying to find a way without a press.......for now, saving hard.........and three things I learned today. I have to buy better quality paper, a lot better than the ‘blotting paper’ I have . Too much water resulted in very smudgy lines....the opposite of intention. I need to keep the plate still so I have purchased some felt in the hope the plate will stay anchored....the kitchen roll , no matter how thick, was useless. 
My main problem, though, was finding a substitute for a press. I have investigated on YouTube and suggestions there, ie, back of a spoon, might be perfectly feasible for Lino / block prints, but you need weight to lift the ink from the engraved lines. The best thing I have found so far, is a marble rolling pin! Carry on, Sharon!

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