Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Summertime in progress.

Beach.  50 x 70 cm. Oil
Garden. 50 x 70 cm.  Oil 

Both paintings are still in progress, and are ideas to depict our English Summertime. This is the working title for my up coming solo show
In September. I shall nag about details nearer the time 😘
I have a few ideas, but mostly I shall be watching the beach, the broad, the boats,  the grockles, and whatever conjures up that
Know what I mean.........I shall be painting it. Or printing.
So, a happy, feel-good show then......
I have my mojo back methinks, WooHoo! I am enjoying painting again enormously and can hardly believe I have spent the past two years
 not bothering. Well, it happens, but I am back, watch out!

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