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Monday, 6 November 2017

The First Ones

 I love this flower girl.....but her leg is wonky, and, I wonder if she was a reject! I can find no reference on the internet, although I can find similarly styled other work. I think her wonky leg adds to her charm.

 I love how tactile this one is, to hold in your hand is calming and stress-relieving.
This one reminds me of one I made myself when I was about twenty.

You might wonder why I posted a pic of a portable easel in the last post. To illustrate the fantastic bargains can be found sometimes. This easel sells for £150 when new. I picked up this beauty for £15! I do love a bargain.

1 comment:

martinealison said...


Adorables statuettes... Même avec sa jambe bancale, je l'aime beaucoup aussi !

Gros bisous 🌸