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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WA - Holiday Postcard

In case you are new ( welcome) or have forgotten ( no, I know you didn't), WA is the Wednesday Afternooners, aka the West Winch Art Club. We have a programme to follow, or not, which is what the title refers to. I took holiday postcard to mean 'paint small'.
 Cromer Lighthouse  7" x 5"  Watercolour + Ink
 Happisburgh Lighthouse  5" x 7"  Watercolour + Ink 
 Hunstanton Lighthouse 5" x 7"  Ink + Watercolour
Unknown Lighthouse 7" x 10"  Watercolour + Ink
from a painting in the book Sea and Sky by Arnold Lowrey
I'm not swayed to paint small more often, and these need a lot of 'tiddlng' to make them passable, but I'll admit to having a very enjoyable usual...must be the company!

1 comment:

L.W.Roth, said...

I don't think so. Their simplicity is charming. The subjects are appropos for postcards--as well as note cards. If you tiddle, tiddle cautiously.