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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Sorry, folks, no painting this week.
As the weekend was so nice we made a start on tidying up the garden. You may remember that last year we cleared the middle of all the overgrown shrubs, remind yourselves here!
Roy renewed the felt roof of the shed and I cleared the surrounding weeds.. I really don't enjoy battling with stinging nettles and brambles! 
                                                            We planted our veggies.
But I couldn't stop there....this was the scene on Sunday night when we packed up. Stinging nettles and brambles galore!
 And more.
 Yesterday the aim was to at least get rid of the stingers, and I did.  The plan today, is to sort out the piles of wood dotted about the garden........rubbish, kindling, firewood.
We planted grass seed on the bare patch in the middle......adventurous I know.
Just what I was hoping for...lilac has found its way under the neighbours' fence into my garden...........a bonus.
Oh, OK, I don't paint gardens, but here's a reminder of a painting I did of a poppy from my garden.

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