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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

BP Portrait Award Winner

 BP Portrait Award winners

The portrait that won first prize reminded me of a portrait of my son I did 18 years ago, and funnily enough, submitted to the  Portrait Award, but  sponsored by John Player then. His averted gaze and awkward hands is why I wanted to paint him. They do say that everything has all been done before.
Adolescent    24" x 36"  Oil 
Congratulations to blogging buddy Sophie Ploeg whose self portrait made the grade, and who also scooped the Travel Award. Now THAT'S the way to do it.
I was hoping to re-post a lovely photograph of Sophie taken by Katherine Tyrrell but, alas, without her permission I cannot. This is her response to my request;
Sorry - I'm afraid not - one of the reasons being I'm afraid I don't know who you are
In addition, one of the things which has an impact on how blogs are viewed is the originality of content and the fact that it is NOT replicated elsewhere. I've had to put my blog on a short feed because of the extent to which people were trying to use my content to drive people to their sites. I now put a lot of emphasis on the protection of my content. The only people who are allowed to use anything are people I know e.g. I send photos to galleries and museum press people where I've got an image and they don't.
The set of posts about the BP Portrait Award are pretty unique on the Internet and that's the way I'd like to keep them - unique.
I'm happy for the prizewinners or one of the selected artists to use an image - but that's it. I have to draw the line somewhere and that's where I choose to draw it.
You can of course link to any of the posts - that's absolutely fine.


martinealison said...

Mes félicitations ma chère amie pour ce merveilleux portrait... Tout l'amour et la tendresse qui sont en vous rejaillissent dans cette peinture...
Une oeuvre très précieuse...
Gros bisous à vous

Carolann Gould said...

I like your painting better! It has more emotion and feeling than the winner has.

Sophie said...

Thank you Sharon...:)

Giancarlo said...

Molto bello!! Un felice inizio settimana a Te e alle tue amiche.