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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WA - A Different Surface

The brief at the WA today was to paint on a surface other than canvas or paper. My plan was to paint a girls' head onto glass with oil paint and to 'print' it onto the backing board from the frame and so get a 'shadow'. Huh! Didn't work! Paint not wet enough, board too absorbent , not enough pressure....lots of reasons why and tou all could probably have told me. I had no plan B. So I started to paint onto another board. Wiped that...didn't like. So I ended the afternoon right back in my comfort zone......charcoal!


Mayra Mancebo said...

Hi Sharon, I always follow your blog. Your work is excellent, I love it.
I worked many years in an art gallery in New York, and I learned the technique of painting on glass fiber ... Looking at your post I remembered when I started ... OMG! A lot of errors committed. We were painting on the back for the paint to look to the right. And that means you have to paint backwards starting with the signature, and then principal plane, and to end the background ... and all the time with a spray of water because you can never let your paint dry ... brought me great memories, I remember how we made tantrums when we had made ​​mistakes and that sometimes erase everything and, uff!!! start over...
Thanks for making me remember, I leave a warm greeting!

L.W.Roth, said...

I've done that. It took a lot of paint--and an absorbent print surface. It wasn't easy. Sorry for your broken egg. Next time. Meanwhile your charcoal rocks!