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Thursday, 11 October 2012

WA - Pat Gavin Demo

Pat Gavin is a freelance illustrator who has done a lot of work in television and who came along to demonstrate his way of painting in acrylics. He used the interactive acrylics, the ones you can wet again with an unlocking agent.
This is his oil painting which he used for reference.
He entertained us with stories from his television days, answered all our questions freely and knowledgably, painted non stop and finished with this painting. I do enjoy watching someone paint confidently.

DAWN  20" x 16"  Oil
Today, I took my paintbrush with renewed confidence, and made a start on a painting I have wanted to do for a while but didn't know how to approach.
It is from a photo I took, at dawn, of a house in my village, but it is the stream and reflections that grabbed my attention.
Thank you, Pat Gavin, I learned a thing or two!


L.W.Roth, said...

I didn't know there were rewettable acrylics. Very interesting. I like the reflections on the stream too. Something different from you.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

awesome - also never heard of these acrylics! can't wait to see your painting!

Celeste Bergin said...

The demonstration looks is fabulous to watch a good artist show how it is done. I love the painting you painted has a beautiful and mysterious sense about it.

martinealison said...

Une merveilleuse publication... Je suis agréablement surprise à la vue de cette démonstration à l'acrylique.
Je travaille à l'huile. En ce qui me concerne je trouve que l'acrylique sèche trop vite, je suis lente pour travailler! mais en revanche je suis admirative devant un tel résultat. BRAVO!
Je vous remercie pour l'ensemble de vos photos.
Gros bisous

Art with Liz said...

Really enjoyed going through your blog - missed a lot being away so long.

gardenstudio said...

Good post, I really enjoy watching artists paint and find it inspiring. I tried the interactive acrylics without much success though.