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Friday, 5 October 2012


Esmeralda  12" x12"  Oil
Sorry about the glare, but you see where thid is going, It seems very slow to be working this way, but I am not fretting over the likeness like I usually do, I must have got it in the underpainting.

Boats  14" x 11"  Oil
Also, today, I tiddled these boats, making the foreground ones  bigger.  The perspective seems wrong.  I am above them, but it doesn't read right. Any ideas would be appreciated.. I sent in a submission form for a local exhibition, making up some titles, and I thought this would be the quick route, but I am not happy. Start from scratch, with a new painting, then????


Pat said...

Looking good on the portrait.
The boats are an unusual viewpoint, is that why it unsettles you? I'm ok with them..

L.W.Roth, said...

The portrait is definitely looking good--likeness or not.

You're right about the perspective if you are up higher than these boats--on higher ground, you'd be able to see into them more... If you were on the same level, the boats in the foreground would be bigger or there would be more ground between you and them. New painting I'd say--BUT the casual observer would not have a clue. Christmas present to Aunt Millie.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful paintings and what a cutie!