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Friday, 14 January 2011

Me + Breakfast

I was watching David R Darrow this morning, here, drawing a charcoal portrait, and just had to have a go. Of course he makes it look so easy and needless to say I don't have little sponge caps for my palette knife. I've always used my fingers, they will do, right? No! Wrong paper, not smooth and I picked up a carbon pencil, not charcoal. Oh well.

Remember 'Stir' ? The delicate china cup and saucer and the BIG man's hand. I wondered if the incongruity would translate to a wider view, hence WIP 'Breakfast'. Of course, the star of the show is the cup and saucer, which I haven't painted yet. Watch this space!
Another point of interest is that I painted this on a cadmium ground, which is something I have seen often in others' work. I adore the flecks of red showing through. Carolann pointed out that it is the reason her landscapes 'glow'.
Also, and finally, this is the first interior I have painted. I prefer figures to stand alone and I have always found the prospect rather scary. It was easier than I imagined to place everything but I do think the painting is cluttered. Your thoughts welcome and appreciated...please.
Oops, one other thing...thanks to all my new followers, I appreciate your interest and your time in keeping up with my stuff. I shall get around to finding out what you all do very soon.
Have a great weekend!


Caio Fern said...

Hello ultra prolific painter ?

these are great works ...

have a wonderful and inspiring weekend !

Pattie Wall said...

I, too, like that cadmium ground to start a painting. Sometimes I like black, as well. The sketch of you is wonderful!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Sharon.
Just found your blog, can`t remember from where now, and I found it only ten minutes ago. Don`t get to my age Sharon, memory of course. Anyway, I love this self portrait of you and the gentleman also, wonderful. I go to an Art club on a Monday afternoon, and what I do there is just sketch all the people around me, mostly the backs of them. Too scared to stand in front of them, they keep moving, very frustrating I must say. I`m a follower of yours now Sharon. All the best.