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Thursday, 6 May 2010


UNSURE 16" x 20" Oil
No theme at the WA yesterday but painting for the exhibition we are having in September. I took 'Unsure' to liven it up a bit as I had felt it was tonally dull. I am happier. It was a weird afternoon, everyone was totally silent, totally engrossed in their work.... there is usually someone chatting, or asking for guidance. Then the kettle went on and it was all change...everyone talking nineteen to the dozen! That's better. No cake though!


Remember this from last year? I had painted it on very smooth board and the paint had not adhered very well. I painted it over it, today, which reminded me of painting by numbers, but it certainly is better for it.
I did think I would tiddle up some of the paintings I have already started for the several exhibitions looming, but I am having second thoughts. I find it very difficult to go back. Sometimes I don't see what got me excited in the first place, and to rekindle past feelings is impossible. You can end up with a totally different painting, so you might as well start fresh anyway! So all the paintings have gone back in the shed and a naked ( should that be bare?) canvas on the easel.
Thanks for your visit, and I appreciate all comments, good, bad and indifferent!
Happy painting.


Art with Liz said...

Hi Sharon, Unsure is absolutely beautiful. You have such a talent for figures. I agree with you about going back - in fact I've started madly painting over my old paintings, wondering what was I thinking when I did that!

David Larson Evans said...

I am always going back over the older stuff but I don't think about past feelings just what I want from the painting now, it can go from comedy to tragedy as long at it is better.Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I do and can completely change an old painting into something new without painting over it. But sometimes my gut feeling is to eliminate it all and start again - old onto the bonfire and forgotten.