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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have been thinking about the HUGE painting for the hospital and this sketch was my first idea. I felt that even coloured in it would not be happy enough! Ilike the idea of balloons and a figure, so......

This is the very rough sketch of of the next idea. I wanted to keep it simple, but attention grabbing! On the balloons, which isn't very clear, will be depictions of ice cream, jelly babies, cats + dogs, dolls, ballet shoes, things that create happy memories. If I go with a boy it would be scoring a goal, boating, trains, skateboards, etc. Maybe both? I would very much appreciate feedback. Do you think it will translate to huge? Would cartoon depictions on the balloons be better than realistic? So much to think about and I really want it to be GOOD!
Happy painting!


Anonymous said...

Hi, see you are thinking about your next painting. I like the ideas you are trying out. As you asked for some feedback, how about a couple more children and lots more balloons!
A nice colourful subject to paint. Can't wait to see the finished one.

Diana Marshall said...

Love your ideas, Carolann's suggestions sound good too. What a fun project and a challenge too.