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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bread + Water 12" x 8" Oil

The brief for the afternoon at the WA was 'Bare Necessities'. Well, I've been humming the tune all week! I couldn't think of a better idea than bread and water, so took a photo of this set up. Among the ideas were a nude, a pair of boots, a row of coloured pencils, a matchbox and a cute child with a bare bottom. Maybe I could photograph the other work done in the group and show them here in future. An amazingly diverse group, and endlessly fascinating how folks minds work! The star of the show, though, was the delicious home made cake, presented by Pat, of which I had two slices. What diet??


Anonymous said...

A fantastic still life. I didn't know you did these so professionl. The glass looks as though I can pick it up and drink from it. And the bread has all the texture of mouldy slice. How did you do that??? Really accomplished.

SKIZO said...


David Larson Evans said...

It looks great my dear I bet it was the hit of the party