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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Swing *2 18" x 26" Oil

Do your own thing at the WA today, so I started another 'swing' painting. Everyone seems impressed by how fast I turn them out! I think that is one of the benefits of painting every day.
When I started this blog, inspired by the daily painters, I decided I would have to paint smaller to get one finished every day. Recently, I have become aware that I hate painting small paintings and I feel I don't do them very well. Without that experience, though, I wouldn't now be able to paint a larger work with the speed that I do, i.e. 'Untitled' took me two afternoons and a ten minute fiddle. A year ago it would have taken weeks!
Today we had home made, by the wonderful Penny, Easter Cookies! Wonderful! Next week we are promised CHOCOLATE CAKE! But I really do go for the company.


Anonymous said...

bella obra..felicidades!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like these paintings too. Getting up to speed is difficult for me because I don't paint every day. Sometimes a week or so goes by and then I paint like a demon. The painting company sounds nice and friendly.