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Friday, 12 March 2010

Eastern Open

FIRST MARK 24" x 24" Oil

REFERENCE 19" x 18" Oil

STAR 20" x 30" Oil
I have been getting ready to submit paintings to the Eastern Open exhibition, held annually at the Art Centre in King's Lynn. I had frames already for these paintings so that decision was easy! It is a juried exhibition, so fingers crossed! I've not seen any previous exhibitions so have no idea of standard, size, etc. One feature I've never come across, is that they send out three postcards to all artists to submit 'mini-art' to sell. Boy, oh, boy painting and drawing tiny is sooooo difficult, but I have had a go. And, again, I have no idea what is expected.


David Larson Evans said...

I cheer you on and share in your adventure.

Art with Liz said...

These are magnificent paintings and there should be no earthly reason that they are not accepted. Keeping fingers crossed Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with these, it is exciting to join in a juried exhibition - the only time I have done so is at HAS. I am sure you will be successful.