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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pose 18" x 24" Oil

This is as far as I got with "Pose" today because I've been crushing the grapes from my garden in prep for wine making. Never done THAT before! We'll see where that goes too. The juice is very sour so I might have been a bit previous.


Art with Liz said...

This is looking great Sharon. You are so darned good with figures. And I don't envy you all that building and stuff! I went to life drawing yesterday and really struggled - first time with a male model - I think it is an art that has to be practised all the time and not just every now and then.

Aliaena said...

Hi Sharon, Lovely graceful figure here. Wonderful flow on the page as well. Great work! Now what is this story about crushing grapes....? Plus, if you get a minute to take a look at my blog - I hope my last post gives you a chuckle. All the best, as always! Aliaena